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#1 2007-11-03 10:24:51

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PoG - report sheet now available for downloading

Some of you may have already noticed that Guru has put in the download section a report sheet in excel to note down positions. Noting down a game is a frequent occurrence in PoG games (at least for me - since I tend to play not too fast and no longer feel like doing a 24 hr non-stop playing session; in general after 10-12hrs of gaming what is left of my brain is fried roll).

Boots designed it and I must say having used it already - it speeds up both time and importantly accuracy of noting down positions+cards and likewise setting it back up afterwards.

Another nice feature is that it tracks cards being played during the game - both for War Status and Victory points. Together with the control of locations on the map (with victory point locations in bold) and space allocated for the various other ways of gaining victory points - it allows reconstitution of VP and WS status at any time. This is very usefull for those who sometimes forget to implement all the WS & VP changes in the track on the map and/or have the counter moved by various external elements (notably kids and cats spring to mind smile)

Last but not least - I also recommend noting positions down at the end of the game. This allows for some post-game analysis - and while that may not matter for 1 game, after several games some interesting trends can sometimes be observed. These in turn allow for checking the historicity of the current simulation and possible future improvements. Enjoy! tongue

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