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#1 2011-07-16 19:18:01

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USA Neutral Entry


  It's turn 17, and I drew both Greece Declares War and USA Declares War.  According to the variant rules, since I used both cards previously without playing the events, neither card is playable for anything but the event.

  I understand that for GDW.  However, the USA DW card was not playable for the event before, nor is it now.  Also, by playing it for ops I risk that the US will not enter the war, and enable play of H-L Take Command and everything dependent on it, so its use again for something besides the event has a clear downside.

  Is a strict reading of the variant rules required?  One could surmise that it doesn't apply if the event is not playable, although I think it would on any redraw when the event is playable.

  The other problem is I drew two cards unplayable for ops this turn.  This seems an unreasonable constraint on the Allies.  In such a situation perhaps one should be discardable during the card draw phase, to be replaced immediately.  From another perspective, the USA Declares War card should not be constrained by the same limitations as other neutral entry cards.  It would represent material support from the US in lieu of US entry.

  I appreciate any and all feedback.

  Tim K.

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